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Few “business thinkers” can lay claim to being “social philosophers”. Irish-born Charles Handy is an exception. Handy’s writings examie businesses as communities. For him, knowledge
is the lifeblood of these ommunities and ‘The New Alchemists’ ...
EXCELLENCE In 1982, Tom Peters and Robert Waterman’s ‘In Search
of Excellence’ was published. The book sold five million copies and Tom Peters was re-invented as the first of a new breed: the manage-ment guru. Peters went on to write a string of other books: A Passion for Excellence...
Philip Kotler started out as an economist and studied under Nobel Prize winners Milton Friedman and Paul Samuelson. He then became fascinated with marketing. Seeking out textbooks on the subject, he
was disappointed to find them ore descriptive than prescriptive.
While some of his Harvard usiness School colleagues are prolific contributors to the Harvard Business Review, John Kotter has written only six articles. At first sight, it seems a slender basis for an academic career.