The Residency, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India.

18th August. 2016

Welcome to SMall is Big

Small and Medium Business - SMB, plays a vital role in the growth of Indian Economy by contributing 41% of Industrial Output, 37% of Exports, Employing more than 64 Million People and Produce more than 75000 Quality Products for the Indian and International Markets. Despite its commendable contribution to the Nation's Economy, SMB Sector faces a number of problems like absence of adequate and timely Banking Finance, Limited Capital and Knowledge, Non-Availability of Suitable Technology, Low Production Capacity, Ineffective Marketing Strategy, Identification of New Markets, Constraints on Modernisation & Expansions, Non Availability of Highly Skilled Labours at affordable cost etc..,

SMall is Big Conclave & Awards is an effort to bring out the leaders from the Manufacturing Industry to Discuss & to Empower the SMB sector to take its Rightful place as the Growth Engine of Indian Economy, it is necessary to support the SMB’s, Educate and Empower them to make optimum utilization of the resources - both human and economic, to achieve success. The SMB’s need to be educated and informed about the latest Technological Developments taking place globally and help to acquire skills necessary to keep pace with the Global Developments.

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