Manufacturing plays a vital role in India’s future Economic Growth. Manufacturing will be unquestionably a very different Enterprise in 2030 from what it is today. A critical step in preparing a sustainable future must be guided by a clear vision and an understanding of fundamental challenges.

GMCV 2030 - Global Manufacturing Cluster Vision 2030 conference is an effort to provide a platform to bring out the leaders from Indian manufacturing industries to discuss diverse issues of the manufacturing industries amidst South India’s largest engineering exposition - INTEC 2024, Organised by the country’s foremost Entrepreneur Association “CODISSIA” which has strived in making this region one of the most successful industrial belt. This conference also salutes the spirit of this “Manchester of South India” which has thrived to become country’s second largest auto component manufacturing hub.

INTEC 2024 strives to bring best in class speakers and audiences in association with its Knowledge & Research Partner "Texas Ventures" to provide an opportunity to share their concerns.

GMCV 2030 will also explore topics such as how to be a market contender in global market and equip CEOs with leadership skills.