Honouring the Pillars of CODISSIA

Texas Ventures takes pride in honouring a few exemplary people who were instrumental in CODISSIA's 50 years of successful journey. First & Foremost are the Presidents & Past Presidents of CODISSIA & COINTEC, who made CODISSIA to reach its Zenith. They embraced high aspirations and a great value system and proved that a plausible impossibility is better than a convincing possibility. Their dreams, their aspirations, and their hard work would have all come to naught if it were not for a set of extraordinary members with equally high aspirations, courage, dreams and perhaps even nobler objective supported them. Codissians are a noble example of Team Work, given a task they execute it with high aspirations, courage, confidence and excellence.In fact, they carried the hopes and dreams of millions of MSMEs and worked against all odds to make what seemed impossible, possible.

In this 50th year of CODISSIA we are celebrating the success of each & every Codissians and honouring the leadership quality, aspiration, enthusiasm, dedication, commitment and hard work of the Presidents and Past Presidents of CODISSIA & COINTEC.

past presidents  -  codissia

Founder - President
Mr. S. Jagadhesan
Govardhana Engineering
Mr. K. Arumugam
Controls & Drives Corporation
Dr. K. Kasthurirangaian
RSM Autokast Ltd
Mr. N. Srinivasan
Arian Soap Manufacturing Co
Mr. V. Jagannathan
Barath Bright Bars
Mr. K.V. Ganapathi
Broadway Engg. & Transport Co.
Mr. A.M. Sundaram
Mr. P.N. Balasubramanian
Coimbatore Bright Steels
Mr. V. Sundarrajulu
Brooks Engineering Industries
Dr. D. Gandhikumar
Gandhikumar Foundry
Mr. J. Balu
GKS Engineering Pvt Ltd.
C. Muthusami
Stark Motors
K. Ilango
Rangamma Steels & Malleables
M. Kandhaswami
Anandha Fabrications (CBE) Pvt Ltd.
Mr. R. Ramachandran
Vasantham Foundry
Mr. E. K. Ponnuswamy
Suriya Machines
Mr. V. Sundaram
Sundar Enterprises

past presidents  -  COINTEC


Dr. A. V. Varadharajan
Sandfits Foundries Pvt Ltd.,
Mr. R. Palaniswami
Rangasayee Alloy Castings.